YouTube adds new analytics report, alerts for merchandise sales in live broadcasts

YouTube is added some new features to help creators better understand the channel’s performance and to promote merchandise sales during live broadcasts, while boosting its COVID-19 fundraising efforts.

First, YouTube is rolling out a new channel performance chart built into Creator Studio that will show views, number of subscribers, watch time, and revenue performance all on one screen.

As explained by YouTube Creator Insider Tom leung:

A new report in the YouTube studio merges two existing monthly information on subscriber performance and revenue performance, then adds a new analysis for views. It includes a new visualization, with a monthly bar chart showing 13 months, so so you can quickly assess monthly performance and identify potential seasonal trends. “

It’s kind of like a Google Analytics mini-view in YouTube, making it easier to get a quick snapshot of your channel’s performance, with helpful summary metrics on each tab to highlight trends.

YouTube is also adding a new feature “Live Alerts for Derivatives”, which will highlight sales of derivatives, made via Starting source, in your live comments feed.

Live YouTube Alerts for Merchandise

As you can see here, whenever a user makes a purchase from your integrated Teespring store during a live broadcast, an alert will appear in the comments feed, with a link for other users to click on and check out. ‘display the article. This could help creators promote their products to fans, providing another way to increase their revenue streams through YouTube tools.

Live viewing has seen a big leap during COVID-19 lockdowns, and YouTube says sales of add-ons and subscription features are also seeing significant increases as a result.

“More than 80,000 channels have made money thanks to [monetization] produced in the last 28 days alone, which is a 20% increase since March. We have also seen an increase of over 40% since January in the number of channels that derive the majority of their revenues from Super Chat, Super Stickers, subscriptions and merchandise. “

Super Chat and Super Stickers are YouTube live streamer donation tools that allow viewers to allocate money to their favorite streamers during a broadcast.

Awesome YouTube Chat

Super Chat is still only available to a limited number of YouTubers, but its usage has increased dramatically over the past year.

In November, Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, reported that more than 100,000 channels were using Super Chat.

Super Chat use has also increased again amid COVID-10 lockdowns:

“Since the beginning of March, 2 million viewers have purchased their first Super Chat, Super Sticker or subscription on YouTube.”

Considering the increase in monetization of live streams, it makes sense for YouTube to add more options to help streamers generate more revenue, and it will be interesting to see if this feature is extended, potentially with more. links and e-commerce options for creators in the future.

To use the new option, your YouTube channel must be eligible for monetization, and integrated with Teespring (more information on the process here).

And finally, YouTube is also expanding its donation feature, which will allow more artists to raise funds through their live streams on YouTube, while adding a new option for charities to provide direct links to their fundraisers. that other YouTubers can then include in their videos.

YouTube is also looking to raise more funds for COVID-19 relief efforts through its donation tools:

“YouTube and are partnering with $ 2 for every $ 1 donated up to $ 5 million if you participate in the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO.”

These are some interesting updates, with a particular focus on live streamers – with, as noted, also becoming a much more important consideration for viewers during the coronavirus shutdowns. Considering the increase in live consumption, it might be useful to consider whether there is value in your brand looking to broadcast live, replacing in-person events, as these new tools of The revenue will also encourage high profile streamers to keep broadcasting, bringing even more viewers to the platform.

You can check out the latest Creator Insider video update from YouTube. here.