Virginia ABC stores return to regular business hours March 1; inventory problems persist | Economic news

Virginia ABC stores will resume normal business hours on Tuesday.

All stores will open at 10 a.m. daily except for some stores that regularly open later on Sundays. Store closing times vary by store and will remain unchanged.

For about a month since Jan. 24, Virginia ABC stores have opened at noon in response to COVID-19 and staffing issues. Those issues have been resolved, according to Virginia ABC.

“With a further decline in the number of COVID-19 cases in Virginia, we are now able to return to our normal hours of operation,” Virginia ABC chief executive Travis Hill said in a statement. “We truly appreciate the dedication and flexibility of our retail team throughout this pandemic, and look forward to serving our customers with expanded hours soon.”

Virginia ABC is still experiencing inventory issues due to supply chain and distribution issues. Customers can still expect to see empty shelves until mid-2022, according to Virginia ABC. “Until we see a consistent supply of product, readily available transportation and stable labor, inventory availability will remain a challenge,” a Virginia ABC spokesperson said.

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