Trump wins over Democrats in 2020 merchandise sales

He is fighting against sagging poll numbers, but President TrumpDonald Trump Publicist ‘not associated’ with Kanye West at time of election incident: Trump spokesman teases 2024 race at Orlando event with O’Reilly on Jan.6 details affair for despising Meadows before the House vote PLUS crushes the potential competition of 2020 – when it comes to merchandise sales. Products promoting “Trump 2020” sell far more than other potential White House hopefuls at an online retailer.

Trump 2020 items, which include everything from hats and “Keep America Great” shirts to bumper stickers, lead the pack on, with the highest sales to date, close to 41%, among the goodies involving the next presidential election.

But not all of the Trump 2020-related merchandise – a total of nearly 49,000 mind-boggling items – doesn’t necessarily support the current Commander-in-Chief. Some items labeled with Trump’s name and the upcoming presidential election year are far from free, including shirts that say January 20, 2021 will be the “end of a mistake” and a car magnet that says: “Donald Trump ’20: Just to piss you off!

And general “Election 2020” articles generated 40.7% of sales among election-related products.

Senator Bernie sandersBernie Sanders Company share buybacks hit new record, overtaking 2018 Starbucks in Buffalo becomes first to vote for unionization Briahna Joy Gray discusses US handling of COVID-19 PLUS tests (I-Vt.), Who failed to land the Democratic presidential nomination in last year’s race, lags far behind Trump in terms of “Bernie 2020” sales, at 13.6%. A $ 19 t-shirt declares “Hindsight is 2020,” featuring an image of Sanders, while a sweatshirt encourages voters to “#FeelTheBern” in three years. Sanders, 75, hasn’t thrown his hat off in the 2020 race.

Michelle obamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson Obama ‘Car guy’ Biden gives his opinion on the presidency Poll: Harris, Michelle Obama tops for 2024 if Biden doesn’t show up Son pays emotional tribute to Colin Powell in service MORE has stated repeatedly that she would never run for office, but that hasn’t stopped CafePress customers from picking up materials by touting a “Michelle 2020” race, accounting for 5% of sales. The former first lady said in April she would not ask the girls Sacha and Malia to “do it again” because “when you run for a higher position, it’s not just you, it’s your whole family”.

Although there are loads of Sen. Elizabeth warrenElizabeth Warren Corporate share buybacks hit new high, surpassing 2018 On The Money – Senate risks Trump’s wrath with Hillicon Valley debt ceiling deal – Senators unveil bill on debt data sharing on social networks PLUS (D-Mass.) Items for sale on the site (over 18,000 products according to a spokesperson for CafePress), customers don’t necessarily pick them up. “Elizabeth Warren 2020” items did not record any percentage of sales among 2020 products.

Warren said in April that she had no plans to run for president in 2020.