Supply chain issues may complicate inventory as prom season approaches | WDVM25 and DCW50

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) – Temperatures there may still be a bit chilly, but before we know it, prom season will be here. Local retailers are hoping things will finally get back to normal after a tough few years.

When it comes to retail sales in Hagerstown Market, locally owned brick and mortar is back. Ingram’s Mens Shop in Hagerstown has been in business for almost a century – you’d think they’ve seen it all, but the pandemic hit. They faced difficulties in getting their goods in stock from suppliers.

“We’ve had times where it’s been difficult to fit a guy into a dress shirt,” said store owner Paul Ring. “This has never happened in 90 years at Ingram’s men’s shop where a guy can’t walk out in a dress shirt.”

Ingram’s fine line of formal wear for prom season has all but sat on the rack for the past two years as COVID restrictions put an end to high school celebrations. Things may be looking up now as we turn the corner on the pandemic.

“Parents were like ‘you didn’t have prom the year before. you get what you want!'” Ring said with a laugh.

Can this locally owned, family-owned retailer meet this pent-up demand? Ingram’s has taken a proactive approach to market challenges.

“Supply chain is a definite issue,” Ring explained. “I think every retailer has faced this. We saw it coming early and we planned it and brought a lot of extra inventory early because we expected delays.

Ingram’s is seeing a surge in wedding bookings this spring and summer, which should be a boost for its retail business.

It’s going to be a big wedding and prom season according to Ingram’s men’s boutique. With the calendar returning in March, store owners expect plenty of teens to check out prom season evening wear on the rack.