Super Nintendo World merchandise items now appear at Universal Studios Hollywood

With Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, Nintendo-themed items are sold in park stores for a limited time.

Super Nintendo World Universal

While Super Nintendo World opened in Japan, parks in the United States are still in development due to the pandemic. Despite this, the theme park turns out to be a real success, as evidenced by the opening day of Super Nintendo World. While the opening date for the US-based park hasn’t been given, that doesn’t stop Nintendo from giving fans a taste of what can be found once the park is built.

The expectation of the US division of Super Nintendo World was eagerly awaited. Impressions of the theme park in Japan have been quite positive, with visitors detailing memorable experiences. With its global design based on the Mushroom Kingdom and its attractions as a Mario kart Complete ride with a unique game engine, overseas fans hoped to experience it for themselves when the parks opened in the United States. To celebrate the eventual opening at Universal Studios Hollywood, Super Nintendo World-themed items will be sold in the Universal Studio store.

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Some of the merchandise that will be available was highlighted in Nintendo’s tweet. This includes adorable Mario and Yoshi plush toys for fans to snuggle up with, matching Mario and Luigi hats for fans to channel their inner Mario brother, and finally drawstring bags featuring Mario’s face and colors. and Peach. No prices have been released online, but that will likely be revealed when fans find them inside the park. However, these items will only be sold for a very limited time.

No other Nintendo-themed merchandise from the park was revealed outside of the elements of the tweet. That said, enthusiastic fans will most likely show off what they were able to purchase in the Universal Studio Store soon enough. Fans might be disappointed that these items are only sold for a limited time at presumably limited stock, as Nintendo has a bit of a history with its products that sell out quickly. Hopefully, once the theme park is fully opened, the same items can also be found in a dedicated section.

Even though fans wanted to experience Super Nintendo World for themselves, travel to Japan is currently not possible, as the country still has its borders closed during the pandemic. Yet the sight of a possible Donkey Kong-The thematic expansion of the Japanese park gives fans even more expectations regarding the possible opening of the American version. For now, these articles can help tie things up until the grand opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal.

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