Star Wars merchandise sales continue to decline for Disney

While a lot of attention is paid The Rise of Skywalker Right now – although we still don’t know much about it – there is still a lot of development outside of the realm of movies. At least three Star wars TV shows are in the works for Disney Plus (The Mandalorian, a Thief one prequel and a seventh season of The clone wars), and there’s a whole bunch of comics that are released on a regular basis.

Sadly, while the franchise remains busy, it seems that wasn’t enough to boost merchandise sales. Like Cosmic Book News reports, Disney recently revealed (through its third quarter earnings report) that there had been a decrease in Star wars merchandise.

Interestingly, last year the company reported that the revenue for the consumer products division fell 4% from 2017 and more than 15% from 2016 – this also includes products and sales. from Marvel Comics.

“The increase in our consumer products business is driven by growth in our merchandise retail and licensing business. The growth in merchandise licenses was primarily driven by higher revenue from Toy Story-based merchandise, partially offset by a decrease in Star Wars merchandise. The increase in our retail business is driven by comparable store sales and higher online revenues.

That being said, the drop in income might not surprise some. After all, there was no drop in tent poles during the holiday season last year to help drive sales, and the fact that Solo: A Star Wars Story bombed at the box office probably didn’t help either.

With the upcoming release of Episode IX – which is to be the last entry in the so-called Sequel trilogy – we wouldn’t be surprised if sales started to increase anytime soon, especially since they are slated to be released around Christmas time. There’s also a good chance that by then the hype surrounding Avengers: Endgame will be extinguished and fans will begin to return their attention to Star wars.