Salute to NFL Merchandise Sales Chief Patrick Mahomes

Professional sports produce many polarizing athletes, but it’s hard for us to see Patrick Mahomes becoming one. The 24-year-old has such a nice disposition that it goes without saying that as long as he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs (or any other NFL franchise), he’ll be a fan favorite. Already in the headlines for helping his club book their place in Super Bowl LIV, the quarterback added more good news yesterday, as the NFL Players Association announced he was top of the league for merchandise sales, ending Tom Brady’s two-year reign.

Anyone who’s watched Mahomes knows he’s a generational talent, making branded merchandise a surefire buy for fans in Kansas City and nationwide. The NFLPA mapped licensed purchases between March 1 and November 30 of last year, a time when expectations grew extremely high that Mahomes would orchestrate a deep playoff run for the Chiefs that would bring the organization its second winner. of the Super Bowl. It used data from 75 official licensees and included sales of jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, wall decals, bobbleheads, photos and more.

Still a coveted mover of merchandise, former #1 seller Brady takes second place on the list, and his presence on the chart provides some interesting insight into merchandise sales. Although he and the Patriots had a mixed year, there were certainly plenty of people who thought Brady could once again summon some of the playoff magic that brought the Patriots six Super Bowl titles. However, the AFC East champions lost to the Tennessee Titans, the team Mahomes and his teammates defeated in Sunday’s AFC Championship game in the Wild Card Round.

The loss means that aside from the two wins Mahomes and the Chiefs amassed in the AFC playoff bracket, only one top-10 player has enjoyed playoff success this season – the Greens quarterback. Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers, who sits in seventh place. Does that say anything about the nature of NFL branded merchandising that only Mahomes and Rodgers have made deep playoffs, and that Brady is the only other top-10 member even to reach the playoffs this year? The other seven play for huge market teams, namely the Cowboys, Bears, Giants and Steelers; or they adapted to a city that had high expectations for this campaign, like the Browns.

Perhaps the big market element dominated the day for most leaderboards, but sheer talent and a valued disposition were key for Mahomes (whose team isn’t exactly located in a commercially renowned hotbed ) to move that many goods.