Roman Reigns reportedly broke WWE merchandise sales record, rivaling John Cena

WWE may be booking Roman Reigns as a villain, but the Universal Champion is clearly a fan favorite.

According to a report from, Reigns rivals John Cena’s peak level merchandise sales despite being technically portrayed as a heel on TV: “A source told us that his merchandise sales are at John Cena and it’s more impressive because Cena sold a ton of merchandise as a babyface while Reigns is supposed to be a despised heel.

Cena was widely known as WWE’s king of merchandise during his decade at the top of the company from around 2005 to 2015. Despite competition from stars like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Batista and others at most on the strength of his WWE run, Cena was clearly established as the most pushed babyface in the business for the majority of his full-time career.

It was around 2015 that WWE began betting on Reigns as Cena’s heir apparent, and three years later Reigns finally overtook Cena in merchandise sales, even despite some fan resistance to his push. massive as a clear successor to “The Champ”. Reigns’ takeover of Cena in 2018 can also be attributed to both Cena’s increasingly infrequent WWE appearances and how Reigns was able to overcome some booking gaffes to solidify himself as a centerpiece. of WWE programming.

Now Reigns is truly “the table boss.” adds, “WWE management would be very pleased with Reigns as a hooker and he is the best seller of merchandise. We’re told he’s the all-time merchandise salesman among the best heel wrestlers in company history.

Reigns, who has held the Universal Championship for over a year, has been pushed even harder as a villain since winning the title in August 2020. In fact, he’s been WWE’s most dominant superstar. during that time, cementing himself firmly as SmackDown’s No. 1 star and the cornerstone of WWE’s most-watched brand.

The end goal of Reigns’ massive push would apparently be to turn him into babyface again, making him the fan-favorite he was meant to be several years ago when a significant portion of the fan base of the WWE vehemently rejected it. But that begs the question: if Reigns is such a good heel and he sells a ton of merchandise in this role, why spin him?

In recent years, WWE has really struggled to push its best babyfaces for the long haul. Stars like Reigns, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre and even Becky Lynch were all pushed back once WWE strapped the proverbial rocket ship on them, largely through no fault of their own. The reality is that WWE has simply done a better job of booking high heels lately, as evidenced by what they’ve done with Reigns and Bobby Lashley over the past year-plus.

Reigns is still hot, which is impressive considering he’s held the title for so long, and notes that his reign probably won’t end any time soon: “Reigns should hold the Universal title for a long time and there he he is not expected to drop it this year.

If Reigns overtakes Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel and continues to sell goods like hotcakes, there’s no real reason to end his push as a high heel until circumstances determine he should. to be a good guy again. For now, WWE has the best of both worlds: Reigns is making money for the company while giving her the hated heel she desperately needs.

If that doesn’t change, expect Reigns to remain atop the WWE throne, both as the main cargo hauler and Universal Champion.