Rocket City Trash Pandas merchandise sales continue to break records

The Trash Pandas broke merchandise sales records even before their first pitch was launched.

Trash Pandas Emporium director Bud McLaughlin said the excitement is showing in their merchandise sales.

“They literally went through the roof. Yesterday we had an all-time high for Monday sales, and that just set our standard for today. In our first 45 minutes, we made $ 1,500 in sales, ”he said.

There was a line of people waiting for the Emporium to open on Tuesday morning. McLaughlin said people can’t control their excitement when they walk into the store.

“They come in through the door and they look up and around. It’s like being in a candy store, in a toy store and everyone comes in with a smile on their faces, ”he said.“ Now there’s a whole new excitement and you can just say excitement. “

Like the Emporium, the Yard Milkshake Bar is ready to accommodate plenty of people ahead of the Trash Pandas’ home games.

“We have a full staff, all the staff on deck, they’re ready, they’re excited,” said Camila Buque, general manager of The Yard. “They’re like, ‘Oh, it’s gonna be fun night. We are ready for it. Everyone is super excited, eager to see this. We just expect to be very busy.

Both stores hope their sales will continue to grow as the Trash Panda season progresses.