QB Chiefs Patrick Mahomes drop second in 2020 NFL merchandise sales

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has fallen to second in NFLPA year-end merchandise sales.

The NFLPA records merchandise sales for a full NFL calendar year from March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021. This includes all officially licensed products from NFL players such as jerseys, clothing, posters, figures and other items sold online and traditional outlets.

Mahomes previously held the top spot in 2019, dethroning Tom Brady, who had ruled the top spot for the previous three seasons. Brady’s stint at the Buccaneers really helped him climb back to the top of the standings. According to the NFLPA, Brady broke the Fanatics’ record for most jerseys sold in a single season. It also accounted for 19% of all Buccaneers sales after Super Bowl LV.

At the top of the standings, there’s really only been a two-man race between Brady and Mahomes lately. The NFLPA says one of the two quarterbacks has led its quarterly ranking 11 times in a row since October 2018.

Although Mahomes didn’t take the top spot this year, he was among the best-selling NFL players in a number of articles. These include, but are not limited to, FOCO face covers, Funko Pop vinyl collectibles, player-themed medical scrubs from TiScrubs, JUNK headbands, and NFLPA signature LIDS caps. .

In addition to Mahomes, two other Chiefs players were in the Top 50, with TE Travis Kelce entering at No.17 and WR Tyreek Hill at No.42 in the NFLPA rankings. Kelce and Hill had strong sales in the fourth quarter, which helped propel their final placement according to the NFLPA. You can bet a second consecutive Super Bowl appearance has something to do with it.


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