Paytm Introduces QR Products and All-in-One Merchandise for Merchants

Paytm introduced the “all-in-one” QR for merchants which allows them to accept payments directly to their bank account via Paytm Wallet, RuPay cards and all UPI based payment applications.

The QR code is personalized with the names, logos and photos of the traders. It can be ordered from the “Paytm for Business” application and have it delivered. Paytm says this personalized QR code will strengthen merchants’ association with digital payments.

Paytm is also launching several Paytm QR utility items such as a calculator, power bank, clock, pen holders and radio that merchants can use in their store. These commodity products will have the “all-in-one” QR code to scan and pay for.

Paytm soundbox is an interesting QR commodity that allows merchants to hear confirmation of receipt of payment. It supports multiple languages. The all-in-one QR radio is for those who listen to music while working. It can be placed anywhere in the store and has a scannable QR code for payments.

The all-in-one QR code key fob can be used by delivery people. They can show it to customers at the time of delivery to receive instant payments. Likewise, other items like Calculator and Pen Stand with QR Code will also give customers the option to scan and pay.