Our 12 Favorite US Open Merchandise Items | This is the loop

Step into the merchandise hub and you’ll know you’re in Wisconsin. Cheese heads, cow mounts, and shamrocks abound, adding a lot of local flavor to an otherwise simple mall. Our favorite items are a mix of things you can only buy locally, plus parts you can also buy online. The prices on site, which I list below, are lower than the prices online. So if you know someone who’s at the US Open, ask them to make you a solid and buy you one of these eye-catching items.

1. Seamus bottle opener ($ 90)
It is a unique item that you can buy only at the US Open merchandising tent. So if you know someone who is in Erin Hills, close your eyes and slip them a $ 100 bill. Five years from now, when you open bottles in style, you’ll appreciate this bottle opener more than the money.

3. Polo Golf and RLX Golf polo shirts and overlays ($ 50-180)
Polo Ralph Lauren, the official outfitter for the US Open Championship, is selling some of the most impressive clothing this week. Offering everything from classic polo shirt designs to sporty outerwear, you’ll find something you love.

4. Jean Wells Pottery Mugs ($ 40-48)
Contemporary stoneware from a local studio (Jean’s Clay Studio) which you can only buy in Erin Hills. These mugs are each handmade on a pottery wheel, and their heavy, slightly rustic design is a clear proof that each item is one of a kind.

5. 64-ounce Growler ($ 85)
Because beer and Wisconsin are synonymous, of course.

6. Women’s Polo Golf Color Block Print Jacket ($ 145)
This item is already out of stock, long before the championship even begins.

7. Erin Hills Coasters ($ 49 for a set of four)
It’s a perfect gift for your coworker who keeps talking about golf.

9. Old Fashioned T-Shirts ($ 35-40)
There is a healthy range of vintage t-shirts that feature the ornate Erin Hills logo. Some of these t-shirts have smaller logos (which I prefer) and some have bigger blocks of text. Either way, they’re soft and you’ll likely end up wearing them more often than any polo shirt you own.

11. RLX Golf and Polo Golf children’s polo shirts ($ 42)
Because you can buy these polo shirts exactly in your size and dress like your son the next time you wear it with him.

12. Signs by the Sea Accessories ($ 52-95)
Signs by the Sea has become a permanent fixture in cargo tents, large to large, and for good reason. The company always has some nifty and beautiful ways to celebrate the middle finger at your fingertips, and the items they offer are the perfect ways to bring golf into your home without being obnoxious about it.