Mumbai police set to launch its merchandise, products for sale in stores

Mumbai Police will soon have its own merchandise which will be available to everyone in stores by the end of April. The merchandise includes clothing, perfumes, water bottles, caps and other products offered by the Mumbai Police’s own brand. The announcement was made by Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey on his Facebook account and he shared pictures of different merchandise.

The products will be available to citizens in showrooms, and the money earned from them will go to the public welfare fund. Speaking to social media, Pandey said the brand will feature apparel and other products bearing the Mumbai Police name and logo.

Photo: Sanjay Pandey/Facebook

Photo: Sanjay Pandey/Facebook


The city’s police chief was quoted by Mid Day as saying, “The project is ongoing and the products will be available in the market by the end of April.” (sic).

The police officer said that these products are for citizens and they will be different from the police uniform. He added: ‘We will sell the products in a showroom, together with a third party, and the money earned from this will go to the police welfare fund.’ (sic)

According to the officer, the contracts will be awarded according to government rules and they have already started the process of distributing the caps.

Pandey also promised free distribution of caps next Sunday, April 3, as part of the ‘Sunday Street’ initiative, the Free Press Journal (FPJ) reported.

Photo: Sanjay Pandey/Facebook


According to a midday report, the price of each product will be decided by the police and the tariffs are expected to be finalized by Sunday. The contracts will be given to parties who can pay a good amount to the Mumbai Police so that the funds can be collected later.

Photo: Sanjay Pandey/Facebook

When asked if wrongdoers could misuse the merchandise and deceive the police, he added, “The clothes will be different from a police uniform. there is no question of abusing it.” (sic)

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