Lil Nas X’s Roblox Digital Merchandise Sales ‘Approaching 8 Digits’

Artist merchandise is now more than just t-shirts. Bundles of merchandise have given way to some pretty creative ideas that fit into music themes or an artist’s particular aesthetic, but the way we now consume media has given rise to new forms of “Goods” including things we can never even see in the real world. .

Online gaming platforms like Fortnite and Roblox have huge user bases, which has prompted artists to “play” in the games in the form of a concert broadcast live. Since these games rely so much on customization, these artists often have matching merchandise for the characters in the game.

Lil Nas X performed on Roblox in December, racking up over 33 million views in one weekend. Jon Vlassopulos, global music manager for Roblox, said the event’s freight transport would be “creeping into eight digits.”

“It’s money,” Vlassopulos said Music ally, in what is perhaps the most obvious statement of all time. “By crawling towards!” Officially seven, but down to eight, and it is with very little work.

Lil Nas X is currently one of the biggest stars on the planet with colossal global appeal. But being a part of a video game that people already love broadens its potential audience even further. It’s part of what brands like Roblox are using to entice artists to use their platform for virtual gigs.

Vlassopulos told Music Ally that Roblox is working on expanding licensed products rather than relying on specific labels to authorize authorization.

“We’re thrilled to have done everything we’ve done over the past year, and to be able to put money in the pockets of publishers and record labels, and to give to artists and writers – composers a new platform to reach millions and millions of fans around the world, “he said.” So we will continue to do this, and we hope to continue to do so with more labels and more. ‘publishers, so we hope that things will resolve themselves soon in terms of lawsuits. “

While digital merchandise isn’t exactly about traditional promotional businesses, the trend of “digital merchandise” often comes with complementary in-person merchandise. If a video game studio wants to create an item of clothing or accessory that gamers can outfit, they often also partner with actual clothing brands or stores to create an approximation of reality.

Right now, when concerts take place in Roblox and Madison Square Garden, creating merchandise to tell viewers you were “there”, anywhere, will be in high demand.