Kevin Nash Recalls Suing WCW Over Merchandise Sales, Discusses WWE Merch Deal

Kevin Nash says he never received a merchandise check from WCW and recently discussed suing the company for the situation. On the latest episode of Kliq This, the WWE Hall of Famer explained that he never received merchandise revenue from WCW and explained how he sued the company after it went bankrupt. Nash also spoke about his current merchandise deal with WWE, saying that was enough for him to retire; you can check out the highlights below:

On his sales of WCW merchandise: “I don’t remember ever seeing a WCW merchandise check. Not a penny. As soon as they ceased their activities, I sued them.

On his current merchandise royalties with WWE: “Well we got the big one when we came back from Turner [to WWE]. It was a 50/50 split between the company and the three of us [Nash, Hall, & Hogan] each got 16.7%… It sold out, man. I’m still getting this quarter. It’s nice, it’s a retreat. It’s definitely — it’s enough money for me to retire.

On Hogan getting money from WCW: “I’m sure he did. I’m sure he saw it, yeah. No, that’s why I sued them, knowing I could get a decent settlement without too much of a fight, because I mean their records were fucked up, they were destroying records and shit, man. It wouldn’t look good for a Fortune 500 to operate the way it did.

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