Jaguars merchandise sales slow as team losses rise

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FL. – The Jaguars’ lack of success this year results in a lack of sales for the team’s merchandise.

Due to the Jaguars’ current record of 1-6, a popular Northeast Florida sports store is feeling the financial impact.

At this time of year, business at Sports Mania in Jacksonville Beach is usually booming, especially since the store carries Jaguar merchandise. Usually the business is so good that the store is running out or about to run out of Jaguar equipment. But this year the Jaguars have one of the worst records in the NFL, and fans just aren’t motivated to buy gear.

“The fans don’t like to lose. They want the W. If you have wins, it turns into sales, ”said Mathew Smith, owner of Sports Mania.

Sales have been extremely slow this season. Now the store is so deep in red that it may take a Hail Mary for the owners to close the store.

“He’s our # 1 seller every year. I might have sold two pieces this season, ”said Smith, holding up a Jaguars t-shirt.

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He then showed News4Jax a Jaguars jacket, saying: “I’ve invested thousands of dollars in these jackets so people can go to the London game when it’s cold, and we’re kind of at a standstill. . “

Last year quarterback Gardner Minshew II’s jerseys and shirts were selling on the shelves, but this year hardly anyone is buying these items.

“Minshew’s mania was a lot of fun last year. It defiantly drew in fan numbers and sales,” Smith said.

And this season, the team’s losing record is only part of the problem – only a fraction of fans can attend games due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“And these are people who buy stuff and then go to the game to show their fandom,” Smith said.

On November 7, the Georgia-Florida game will be held at TIAA Bank Field, so Smith is hoping sales of Bulldogs and Gators merchandise will be enough to help keep the store in business.

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