Identity card loan – where to get it?

The fact that studying at a university costs a lot of money – even though it is not paid for in our country, with the exception of external studies – it probably does not make sense to elaborate. Not every young university student is lucky enough to receive regular fat monthly pocket money from their parents or relatives and does not have to worry about anything other than the study itself and at the same time enjoy the pleasures of student life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to borrow


Probably the best option is to apply for a student loan. It is clearly the most advantageous choice among all currently available loan options for students! In the following lines, we will explain why it is so advantageous who can apply for it and what the application procedure is.

Who can apply for a loan?

Who can apply for a loan?

Here are the qualifications:

  • every student at any level of university study
  • not only a full-time student but also an external student
  • student not only of local but also foreign university
  • student with permanent residence in the country (if studying at a university)
  • student with a valid living abroad card (if studying at a foreign university)

The loan application must be submitted no later than the said date. After this date, applications will no longer be accepted even if they meet all other mandatory requirements.

Therefore, our advice is: be sure not to keep it to the last minute, it is ideal to start arranging the loan immediately after enrollment, before the full academic year starts. However, if you are still late for any reason, keep in mind that if you also send the shipment as a 1st class letter, you must allow for a 24-hour delivery, ie you must submit the letter at the post office no later than the required date (similar adrenaline experiences, however). strongly recommended)!

Clear procedure for applying for a loan

Clear procedure for applying for a loan 

Here you must follow the procedure:

  • First, fill out the loan application above.
  • Have the completed application confirmed by the study department.
  • Be sure to attach the necessary mandatory attachments (listed in section 7 of the application).
  • Deliver the application by post, courier or in person to the address