How the Olympics Boost Merchandise Sales on Amazon

The Tokyo 2021 Olympics spur the search and sale of relevant merchandise on Amazon as a flood of national pride and on-field performances spark interest.

Data compiled by Jungle Scout revealed that sales of products labeled “2021 Olympics” have exploded 202,684% year-on-year since April as the public boarded the hype train for the sporting jamboree.

The e-commerce platform sells a variety of products ranging from the Japanese flag to “Team USA Olympic clothing”. Analyzing research data from the first full week of action, Jungle Scout found that sales of the Japanese flag came out of nowhere to post a 688% increase in revenue on

Other products that have soared off the shelves include “Olympic Torch” products, which saw a 924% increase in revenue and a 430% increase in units sold between March and July.

The US market also had a roaring trade in official Team US Olympic clothing (up 2.681% in searches on Amazon), while keyword searches for gymnast Simone Biles jumped 205%. Soccer player Megan Rapinoe also benefited, with keyword searches for “Megan Rapinoe jersey” up 232%.

Jungle scout Molly burke said, “Despite a live spectator ban and some notable absences among competitors at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, consumers are looking en masse for Olympic equipment on The Everything Store.

“So far the biggest increases in sales and search volume for Olympic Games-related products in Amazon’s US market have been in Olympic Games decoration, Team USA apparel and merchandise. for star Olympic athletes like Simone Biles and Megan Rapinoe.

“Over the next two weeks, sports and exercise equipment sales on Amazon could also increase, as consumers tune into the Summer Games to watch inspiring athletic performances.”

Jungle Scout specializes in breaking down consumer behavior on Amazon, generating search, revenue and sales figures from internal data.

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