History preserved through the sale of goods

The Air Force Centennial Commemorations (AF2021) also ensured the preservation of history, with funds generated from the sale of merchandise being donated to RAAF heritage restorations.

In the centennial year, the AF2021 Retail Licensing Program, led by primary licensee TLA Merchandise representing all AF2021 partners, grossed $ 138,796.

The check, presented to Air Force 2021 Chief Executive Officer Air Commodore Andrew Elfverson, represents a pledge from TLA, The Air Force Shop, Bausele Watches, Australia Post and all Centennial Business Partners to support the restoration of heirloom items. ‘critical for maintaining past ties. with today’s Air Force.

“Throughout the centennial year, we have all had the opportunity to glimpse the past 100 years of our service in many formats,” said Air Commodore Elfverson.

“Whether through our campaign on social media and on the website, the flight of 60 planes over the Queen’s Parade of Colors on March 31, a visit to one of the aviation heritage centers RAAF or one of the many grassroots activities, we have all been exposed to our rich RAAF heritage.

“This generous amount reflects the overwhelming public response to the centenary from current and former Air Force members, their families and the wider Australian community.

“At the same time, we have established new partnerships and continued our long-lasting and valued relationship with The Air Force Shop.

“The History and Heritage branch will make good use of these funds so that present and future generations can reflect on our contribution to Australia and the joint strength throughout its history. “

The check was presented in front of one of the retail partnership’s most significant products, the official Drew Harrison Then Centennial Triptych painting. Now. Always.

Project Air Force 2021 continues through March 31, 2022, with other activities including the Canberra Centennial Concert and the unveiling of the Centennial Memorial at Point Cook taking place next year.

For more details on Air Force 2021 activities and merchandise links, visit: www.airforce.gov.au/100