Have your credit data checked

It is very common that following reminders or late payments, you are noted as a bad payer with various creditor databases in Switzerland and that this blocks you in everyday life, without you being aware of it.

Bad credit data make many procedures very difficult, such as:

  • The acquisition or rental of real estate
  • Obtaining a loan
  • Obtaining a leasing
  • Place an order online
  • Find a new job
  • Etc …

Important information

credit loans

For the points mentioned above and in many other situations, the persons concerned and who may enter into a financial relationship with you have the right to consult your credit data in Switzerland. Whether for example your future landlord or your next employer, even before a lease or contract is signed!

We invite you to read this article: “Order an extract from the proceedings” for more information on this subject.

But rest assured, if it is past data and that is no longer current, getting out of this situation is entirely possible. It is enough for this to have recourse to professionals of the sector who will know the steps to be taken in order to restore your solvency.

In Switzerland there are several registers in which your name can appear. The 3 best known registers in which organizations can consult the creditworthiness of a potential client are:

  • The prosecution office
  • The Crif
  • The ZEK register (credit center)

This article will explain the differences between these registers.

For more information on excerpts from the prosecution office, this article is available.

If you think you are the victim of a negative ZEK code, see this article.

Perhaps you think you have negative information of any kind because you have had payment reminders in the past?, Rest assured; getting out of this situation is quite possible and we are by your side to do it.

Solvency analysis

Solvency analysis

If you are not sure what your negative is in your records, or perhaps you have been refused for a credit request, our Solvable department can help you analyze your different extracts in order to give you a report. complete and detailed of what is negative, and what can block you in the event that you wish to carry out steps such as a request for credit or leasing.

After a detailed analysis of your situation, we will be able to tell you whether it is possible to have the invalid and unjustified information deleted, or to modify the information in a positive manner.