Franchise Movies Driving Large Merchandise Sales – Times Square Chronicles

More and more retailers like those in pop-gear offer merchandise on some of the most successful movie releases. Most of them focus on Disney, which really is the cash cow when it comes to keeping up. The films themselves are breaking records, which leads to powerful product marketing. A key example is with the incredibly successful Frozen movies. When the first movie came out, that led to replica wedding dresses going on sale for £ 750 and endless Disney merchandise on offer in their stores. This all leads to major success and another great example is with Toy Story.

Toy Story 4 hit screens last year, the DVD having now been released recently. This meant that he had returned after a nine-year hiatus from the 2010 film, Toy Story 3. It meant that retailers were going to make a lot of money based on previous films, as in the UK, over sales were made for toys, t-shirts and everything in between. other commodity than the actual sale of tickets at the box office.

Buzz Lightyear is one of the key characters in the films and his action figure is also the best-selling toy of all time in Disney stores. He also went on to say that if a movie is successful, the merchandise follows suit. This has also been proven following some data released by NPD, a UK-based market research company. This research showed that 23% of UK toy sales were generated by franchises such as Toy Story.

Toy Story has also reported incredible sales of merchandise since the first movie was released in the mid-1990s. Some of the kids from that era will now have children of their own, so they’ll take them to see the latest movies and buy the merchandise. Toy Story sits above other films when it comes to interest and sets the stage for the UK’s biggest franchise. Part of the reason is that it adapts not only to children, but to all ages.

Toy Story 4 has grossed over $ 1 billion worldwide to date, meaning it’s the fifth highest grossing film of the year and highest grossing ever. of the franchise. This follows the major success of all other versions. Merchandise sales are now expected to be higher than ever as we get closer to Christmas Day. Can this follow post-Toy Story 3 sales, which generated around £ 104million in 2010. This also broke the previous record for UK franchise-related toy sales.