‘Entire inventory’ stolen from Colorado girl with Down syndrome

In 2019, Keaunna Figgers launched their Colorado C-21 Project clothing line. She has Down syndrome and designs shirts and accessories that raise awareness and educate people about Down syndrome.

Then in 2020, the COVID pandemic changed the world, and like many small businesses, Keaunna’s business struggled.

“I’m not doing very well,” she admitted.



This year, they finally had the chance to travel to New Orleans for the first National Down Syndrome Convention since the pandemic began. This was going to be a great opportunity for Keaunna to make sales, but the virus struck again.

“I had COVID,” Keaunna said.

Discouraged but not defeated, Keaunna and her mother, Jennifer Figgers, asked FedEx to ship their inventory home since they had used the shipping company to ship it to New Orleans in the first place.

“The manager of FedEx in New Orleans sent everything back here and instead of FedEx dropping it off at us, or in one of the mailboxes, he left it in our mailroom here on the floor,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer says she saw surveillance video that shows a man and a woman going through the boxes and stealing everything.

“It’s literally her entire inventory,” Jennifer said.

Hundreds of baby shirts, masks, bottles, hats and clothes were stolen. Keaunna says if she doesn’t get that merchandise back, she could go bankrupt, which is heartbreaking for the Figgers family.

“Honestly, we’re so proud to see her stand up, stand up for her rights and come out in public when it’s so hard for people with disabilities to do so. I feel like she’s been an example brilliant for helping find this path or others so if anyone sees anything we just ask you to let us know.

Jennifer says if you know where to find the merchandise, you can let them know via their website.