EDITORIAL: Stefanik struggles with merchandise sales | Editorial

We checked the campaign websites of other members of Congress – few have “stores” where they sell merchandise, and none we could find sell items that attack another politician or anyone. Nancy Pelosi’s site, for example, sells t-shirts, masks, mugs, stickers, pins, hats and more, but the mugs say, “We’re not dying, we’re organizing” and the T-shirts say, “Hold the house. One of the stickers says ‘Shadow Patron Saint’ and features a cartoon of Pelosi clapping his hands. This is a far cry from the ‘Wanted’ poster mockup featuring a photo of Andrew Cuomo under the caption “Worst Governor of America” which you can buy for $ 30 on Stefanik’s site.

We scoured the websites of other House Republicans known to be stubborn, like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, but couldn’t find anything comparable to Stefanik’s online store.

Stefanik can say whatever she wants, even if what she likes is attacking the governor of her state. But we wonder about the usefulness of his efforts. How is the sale of “Cuomo’s. I have to. Go. ”Stickers (set of 12) to help her constituents? Could she find a better way to defend ourselves than to promote bright red coolers (set of 2), printed with the message“ Impeach Cuomo? ”

We no longer believe that Stefanik entered public life to do good things for the country. She has demonstrated a model of lies and hyper-partisanship that undermines democracy.