eBay merchandise sales in Ukraine jump 10,534% since Putin’s invasion

As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion continues, many have sought to show their support for Ukraine, causing eBay’s sales of pro-Ukrainian-themed merchandise to jump 10,534% in the United States. United since the beginning of the war.

As the invasion of Ukraine enters its 41st day, an eBay spokesperson has shared with Newsweek that sales of Ukrainian flags have seen a 17,889% increase since the start of the invasion on February 24, compared to the previous three months combined.

According to the spokesperson, eBay has recorded 20,328 Ukrainian flags sold in the United States since February 24, compared to a total of 113 sold in the previous three months combined.

Other pro-Ukrainian items, like t-shirts or stickers, have seen a 6,456% increase on eBay since the invasion compared to the previous three months combined. In total, this represents 12,849 items sold, as opposed to the 199 items sold in the months before the invasion.

Since the start of the war, the United States has offered its support to Ukraine, while leaders have condemned Russia’s actions and citizens have boycotted brands and companies that have continued to do business in Russia.

The purchase of Ukrainian flags and other goods has become another symbol of solidarity with the country.

An independent gift shop in Belmont, Calif., told KRON News it continues to run out of Ukrainian flags because they are bought up so quickly.

Judy Shelton, owner of Judy’s Flag City, told the outlet she receives a new shipment every two days to account for sales. Some independent companies even made their own Ukrainian flags to sell.

Maine Stitching Specialties, a flag company in Skowhegan, Maine, told WGME that “we’ve seen a pretty strong wave of support for these flags.”

eBay has seen a more than 10,500% increase in sales of Ukrainian goods since the invasion began in February. Here, a man waves a Ukrainian flag in front of the Swiss Parliament during a nationwide demonstration for peace and against war in Ukraine which gathered around 10,000 participants in the Swiss capital Bern on April 2.

Internationally, a flag factory in France told AFP that it had recently seen an increase in demand for Ukrainian flags. “Usually we make four or five Ukrainian flags every year. But we made 1,000 flags in 10 days,” Eric Borney, president of a flag maker in Normandy, said last month.

Along with the typical blue-and-yellow-themed Ukrainian products, an influx of sales in the United States has also been driven by strong demand for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s iconic olive-green shirt.

Worn by Zelensky many times, the olive green shirt with the symbol of the Ukrainian armed forces is now sold on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. In a previous report, a retailer on Etsy said Newsweek that he made a profit of about $3,000 in one week on the shirts.

Newsweek contacted Amazon and Etsy for comments.