Celebrity presence on match day boosts sales of NRL merchandise, says The Stubby Club

Melbourne, Australia, May 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Like some of that of hollywood the biggest icons of cinema come out at Stadium Australia for the Sydney derby, sales of NRL merchandise are increasing online.

Hollywood heavyweight Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Natalie Portman and Taika Waititi, watched from that of Russell Crowe strong at Stadium Australia. According to The Stubby Club, their presence and choice of clothing has sparked interest in NRL products for the new season.

Goldblum, Portman and Hemsworth barricaded for the Bunnies in the Sydney derby, and all donned 2021 Rabbitohs merchandise to prove their loyalty to the Crowe franchise.

This season, many teams, including the Rabbits, launched their 2021 NRL Merchandise with new clothing partners. These changes are due to the fact that clothing company ISC has abandoned its partnership with eight of the clubs in the league following a difficult 2020.

As the teams began releasing their 2021 sweaters in January, many new apparel partners emerged, including Puma, Asics, and Dynasty. Many teams have also released special edition sweaters for charity in addition to their necessary home and outdoor bands.

While the historical bands have remained the same – like the famous Cardinal and the Rabbitohs Myrtle – major changes have been made by the teams.

The Canberra Raiders changed their bands to incorporate the return of Canberra Milk as the main sponsor. The club believe the 2021 jerseys and training clothing will be well received by members and fans alike. For Melbourne Storm, their new partnership with Castore demonstrates a desire to be different with bold and creative designs.

Of course, many other articles from NRL Merchandise Beyond Sweaters are popular items among fan members, especially early in the season when changes are usually made. More innovative products such as truncated holder dispensers and whiskey stones have also become much sought after items, especially as gifts.

NRL businesses and merchandise retailers, such as The Stubby Club, want fans to be able to show their love for the NRL in any way they can. The Stubby Club offers a wide range of NRL products covering all 16 teams in the league, as well as State of Origin Blues and Maroons products.

With their new merchandise in hand, NRL fans everywhere Australia will be able to proudly display their colors throughout the 2021 season just like their favorite Hollywood the actors did.

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