Bad Bunny has dominated WWE merchandise sales since joining the Royal Rumble

Since playing at Rumble Royal and nailed The Miz and John Morrison with an upscale splash, rapper Bad Bunny has been a constant presence on WWE television. And while some fans may not understand the crossover, the latest merchandise sales reports indicate it was a fantastic idea on WWE’s part. According to Combative selection, the rapper’s WWE-themed merchandise has already generated more than $ 500,000 in sales.

His merchandise apparently dominated the top four spots on the best-selling items list, with his # 1 men’s t-shirt, # 2 rated hoodie, and women’s & youth shirts taking # 3 and 4. Roman Reigns was the only wrestler to place in the top five.

As you can see below, a lot of the products have focused on Bunny’s top rope splash. According to a third jersey, featuring the same comic book theme WWE used for the Royal Rumble commercial, has already sold out.

Since the Rumble, Bunny has aligned himself with NXT’s call for Damian Priest, and reports are already available that the Puerto Rican star will be in some sort of match at WrestlingMania 37 this next April. Priest has already spoken about the bond he has formed with Bunny in several interviews.

“People know me as a rock and heavy metal guy, but there are a lot of times on Spotify where I put Bad Bunny radio on. I know his music and I like it. I really like the person too, ” he said speaking with Initiated on television. “We are so similar. I was raised in the same city [Vega Baja] he was born in [in Puerto Rico]. We come from very hard education. He’s done things his own way and doesn’t care what others might say about him. I am the same way.

“He loves wrestling,” he added. “We hit it off right away when we first met. There was a connection. Not just because we’re both artists, but because of our heritage and the things we love, and our personalities. C it’s cool to be with him. “