Access Bank personal loan: terms to know (2021)

Access Bank payday loan is something people remember in the first round when there is a need to raise funds for urgent needs. It is a fast loan, supposed to be repaid quickly and it is a real first aid in certain situations. Want to know how to get such a loan? Keep reading!

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Access Bank Payday Loan: Requirements

We are all used to thinking that loans are rarely granted to rare people due to many requirements. Let’s say a person has to meet some superhuman criteria to be deemed eligible to receive a loan. Sometimes loans are really, really hard to get. Banks do not want to lose their money and only give loans to people who are completely reliable and have funds to repay the loans.

Payday loans are somewhat different from others. They are usually quite small and are intended to finance certain people’s small but urgent needs. For example, someone gets sick, there is not enough money to pay for the medicine, and payday is far enough away. Sometimes it is necessary to make other urgent payments, decisive in some respects, but a person cannot afford it due to lack of available funds.

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This is why the requirements for payday loans are not that tough. They are easily fulfilled if you have a job and a regular salary. Access Bank’s requirements for its customers who wish to obtain a loan are simpler than ever. They just need to be employed and it doesn’t matter that the account on which they receive their salary is domiciled with another bank.

There is a simple condition to fulfill in order to benefit from such a loan: either you have a salary account at the Access Bank or you are a Remita customer (simply because Access Bank Payday Loans is a shared product they launched together). A Remita customer is anyone who receives their salary through the Remita payment tools.

There are no other specific conditions or requirements. You don’t need to bring a guarantor or two and you don’t need collateral either. Everything is as simple as that. Also – you will be even more amazed – you can now borrow money from Access Bank via a special USSD code.

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What is Access Bank USSD Payday Loan?

The USSD code, which makes it possible to obtain a personal loan more quickly, is a novelty. It was only recently introduced for those who meet Access Bank’s few requirements. Now you can simply dial the code *901*11*1# and receive an instant loan in a few simple steps. You don’t need to wait long. You can receive what you need in minutes.

Access Bank offers a range of payday loans, which vary between N1,000 and N500,000, which are granted at 3% fixed interest rates. In most cases, the bank decides how much each person can receive from it. Generally, such a loan must be repaid at the end of the month or when you receive your salary, whichever comes first. As soon as the time is right and the loan matures, the necessary amount will be recovered from your account at maturity.

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How do I get an Access Bank payday loan?

You only need a few minutes and the loan is in your hands!

  1. First, dial the USSD *901*11*1# mentioned above
  2. In a short time, you will get an access account number
  3. Then you will find out how much you can get from the bank
  4. That’s it! You can now receive the Instant Payday Loan from Access Bank!

If you have any questions about the procedure or other details, you are free to contact Access Bank directly and find out everything you need. They can be reached by phone (find out the valid numbers on their official website) or by email (again, check the email address on the official website to avoid scammers and money loss).

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