Various photographs AdobeStock_320444308 From aisles of empty shelves during the initial COVID-19 pandemic lockdown to recent shortages of necessities like baby formula, supply chain shortages have been a battle for years. And yet, despite the seemingly constant stream of product shortages, many organizations often struggle with a surplus of merchandise.Read More →

In-kind donation organizations are non-profit organizations that collect corporate product donations and then donate them to qualified non-profit organizations. Uncertainty is the fourth quarter theme for retailers and manufacturers. Many gift retailers stocked up early before the holiday season to beat inflation and not be short-changed like they were lastRead More →

New York — As the home department’s sparse shelves demonstrate, Target has depleted its excess inventory, according to CEO Brian Cornell. Earlier this year, as consumers began to shift their spending priorities, the company announced it would reduce and eliminate merchandise in shrinking categories. In the summer, it also slashedRead More →

Walmart Canada is rolling out an automated vision system to keep store shelves stocked with merchandise. The announcement follows the mega-retailer’s 70-store pilot using a computer vision solution from Focal Systems (Burlingame, CA, USA; The product uses a combination of cameras and AI-based software to automate out-of-stock detection. InRead More →

Despite optimism within the retail industry that a return to normal could be seen at some point in 2022 as we navigate the second half of the year, the state of the retail industry is perhaps in a more vexing and fragmented state than it was. when the year started.Read More →