Continued e-commerce momentum as well as businesses favoring dedicated cargo air travel due to unreliable passenger air service make Cargojet relatively immune to a potential economic downturn, Canadian carrier executives said. freight. Cargojet (TSX: TCJ) operates an air freight network between major Canadian cities carrying shipments for Amazon, Canada Post,Read More →

Rising levels of inflation could be a global concern, but a slowdown in consumer spending is forcing retailers to make deep price cuts on existing inventory. And while that’s good news for the average consumer, there’s no doubt that unexpected price cuts will negatively impact the bottom line. CNN reportedRead More →

Alexandria, Virginia, July 26. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Whether it’s inflation, excess inventory or supply chain issues, retailers are in a precarious position with a glut of merchandise that can’t be sold. Many of the world’s best-known retailers work with Bon360, the global leader in product philanthropy and targeted giving,Read More →

With nothing more than a quick glance at industry headlines, it would be easy to conclude that most retailers are in trouble. Target In last month’s first-quarter earnings report, shareholders warned that “additional markdowns, removal of excess inventory and cancellation of orders” would reduce second-quarter profit margin rates to aroundRead More →

Liquidated Inventory Sales Services The latest proficient intelligence report released by WMR under the title “Increasing Demand and Opportunity for Global Liquid Inventory Sales Services Market 2022” provides a sorted picture of Inventory Sales Services industry liquid through the analysis of research and information collected from various sources that haveRead More →

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Merchandise sales are a staple for minor league baseball teams like the Chattanooga Lookouts, but that wasn’t always the case.Now that’s big business for Lookouts, which sell just about anything. Minor league baseball souvenir shops haven’t always looked like this.Ask Lookouts Managing Director Rich Mozingo.Mozingo said, “My first jobRead More →

Lokibaho/Getty Images A number of analysts recently downgraded Kohl’s following the company’s July 1 announcement that talks had ended to sell its business to Vitamin Shoppe owner Franchise Group (FRG). The downgrade is also due to weak consumer demand linked to inflation and other concerns. Shares of Kohl’s were relativelyRead More →

Last week I saw a headline from the Washington Post stating Michael Burry’s ‘Bullwhip’ Tweet Deserves Serious Attention. Michael Bury (@michaeljburry) is best known as the hedge fund manager portrayed by Christian Bale in the film “The big court.” His track record rightly gathers many followers on Twitter – 895,000Read More →